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    My Daughter Is In Beta

    Bless her heart. I hope my daughter doesn’t kill me. I have really been struggling with one of my children lately. There have always been issues, but lately her mental health has swiftly declined, and I have become her daily target of choice.  Actually, that’s not true. Her target of choice is the sibling beneath her in rank, but since I have to limit their interactions, I’m her second choice. The intensity and enthusiasm of her attacks, however, does not wane because I am the fall back. I serve as a buffer between the two, and the energy of separating, alone, is exhausting. What gets thrown at me once her…

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    “I Ain’t Sorry” (5 Things You Should Never Apologize For)

    Beyonce ain’t sorry, why should I be? I’m not, am I? Am I really sorry for all the things I apologize for? No, I’m not! Are you? If I’m not sorry, though, why do the words fall out of my mouth like the peas I’m always trying to hide in my kids’ pasta? Once I really started paying attention to how much I say, “I’m sorry” I caught an attitude. Okay, so I didn’t catch an attitude, I always have one, but this one had more of a “punch you in the throat” type of vibe. “Sorry, I’m late. The baby pooped as I was headed out the door.” “Oh, sorry”,…

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    3 Things That Are Much Better Than Resolutions

    Are we all Over the whole New Year thing yet? It’s been over a week, so I’m sure we are. We’ve all eaten a sugar laden cupcake, or said the swear word we swore we wouldn’t, right? I don’t mean to make fun of resolutions. Well no, that’s Exactly what I mean to do, but I don’t mean for anyone to take it personal. I’m sure you bought that new, cute gym outfit with the best of Intentions. Let’s keep it real though, more than half of us make resolutions that simply make us miserable. They’re generally not anything we Want to do. They’re all chock full of Shoulds. So,…

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    The Secret To Giving Mama The Perfect Gift

    This post may contain affiliate links   It’s that time of year again, and everyone is scrambling for the Perfect gifts for everyone on their list. I’m not for Black Friday or all the madness that comes along with excessive shopping, but I do think there’s something nice about a thoughtful gift for those close to you. I think we all intend to put a little Extra love and care into what we give the moms in our lives, but do you really know how to Wow a mom? Do you know how to nail it on the head, no matter what your budget? Well, you’re in luck. I just happen…

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    The Day After- What Do We Tell Our Kids

    The Messiful Mama - Lifestyle Blog by Xavia Omega

    The night before last I was very Cavalier, suggesting that everyone go and make a cocktail and chill out. I went to bed shortly after, not a care in the world. I have to admit, I Never thought that there were enough people in this country that would actually elect someone so hateful and clearly unfit. I knew there were people, and that racism was still an issue, but seeing all that red on the map made me sick to my stomach. I was Totally confident that I would wake up the next morning and ease my daughters’ fears over the possibility of this man being elected, by telling them…

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    Pour Yourself A Messiful Mama

    This post may contain affliate links The “Messiful Mama” is a little cocktail I came up with one night when I was finally home from a 4 day stay at the hospital with my daughter. I’m sure you can imagine, when I got back I was worn out and stressed out; a bit of a Mess.  Kind of like how a of people are feeling about this election. It’s like a long drawn out hospital stay. You’re sick, uncomfortable, waiting for the doctor to finally give you a diagnosis so you can Go home and recover. Well, we’re on our way home. One way or another, tomorrow morning it will…

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    Balloons & Bubbles

    Why, oh why, do we buy all these stupid toys? All we really ever need are bubbles and balloons! #confessthemess toys are such a pet peeve of mine! They’re everywhere, all the time, and the kids don’t really care about 90% of them. I am notorious for doing a sweep and collecting the neglected, the broken, and the forgotten; Buzz Lightyear and Woody would be staging an all out coup! If the toys that I’ve gathered don’t get requested within a week or two, off to Goodwill they go. Sometimes I’m super ruthless and take them straight to the drop off ; passing go, collecting $200 on my way. I…

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    Best Potty Training Tip Ever

    Potty training, the dreaded milestone that most of us mamas wish we could fast forward through. It’s frustrating and seemingly endless and even when you hit the finish line and begin celebrating you realize the journey still isn’t over because now, instead of diapers and koala changing stations, you now have to deal with a toddler, in underwear, on the go. Yeah it won’t be long before you wonder if it’s not easier to just let them go in their pants for a few more years. And then there’s the wiping of butts, yeah that lingers for a while too. Now that I’ve got a few new mothers thoroughly depressed and my…

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    5 Tips For Social Media Self Care

    Confess the Mess - Messiful Mama mom lifestyle blog by Xavia Omega

    You don’t have to be a mama to know that social media can be overwhelming, but it can be especially tricky to navigate the all the advice, drama, judgement, guilt trips, and product pushing that is directed specifically at mothers. Lately I have been finding it super difficult to log in, and when I do it doesn’t take but a minute for me to come across a post that makes me close out. Now, I am super sensitive so you may not need quite the same level of tune out that I do but even the most extroverted social media cruisers could benefit from trimming some of the drama off…

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    “I Wanna See You Be Brave”

    As mamas, I don’t think we give ourselves nearly enough credit. Today I went grocery shopping, while on crutches, with 2 kids (my daughter is quite the photographer isn’t she). For a moment I thought I was Wonder Woman and put the baby in a regular cart and proceeded to hop on one foot while pushing. Yeah, that ridiculousness lasted all of 10 paces. These little motorized carts though turned out to be a great plan B, although he almost crashed us a few times in produce as he fought me for the steering square. Today, this was my BRAVE I tell this little story not looking for a pat…