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Best Potty Training Tip Ever


Potty training, the dreaded milestone that most of us mamas wish we could fast forward through. It’s frustrating and seemingly endless and even when you hit the finish line and begin celebrating you realize the journey still isn’t over because now, instead of diapers and koala changing stations, you now have to deal with a toddler, in underwear, on the go. Yeah it won’t be long before you wonder if it’s not easier to just let them go in their pants for a few more years. And then there’s the wiping of butts, yeah that lingers for a while too.

Now that I’ve got a few new mothers thoroughly depressed and my vet mamas shuddering at the all traumatic memories, let me gracefully stick out my tongue and lack even the slightest bit of humility as I taunt, “Na-na-nah boo boo!” I just potty trained the baby in one day. WHAT?! Yeah one day!

I’ve used this trick on my other 3 and it’s always worked like a charm but even then the charm took a few days to a couple weeks to really take hold. It took this little whipper snapper one day! Wanna know my secret? Of course you do.

Naked babies. It’s simple, although not necessarily easy, and down to the nitty gritty. Let your little one run around completely bare for a few days and watch how much more in-tuned they become with their bodily functions; there’s no more diaper to muffle all the sensations. It can be a pain because you will inevitably have to clean up a few messes, unless you’re me two days ago, I didn’t have to clean up a thing :-P, but peeing down your own leg is a lot less comfortable than into the ever absorbent liner of a diaper. I can’t say it always works quite as quickly with poo, I had to add in a chocolate bribe for my youngest daughter, but I will gloat once more and tell you that my little guy peed and pooped in the potty all on the same day. (I’m off to buy big boy underwear and my celebratory chocolate as soon as I finish typing 😉 )

Now, for a few disclaimers, boys generally do take longer than girls (I think there’s something inherent in their DNA that doesn’t mind being gross), my son just happens to be a potty prodigy. And, there really is no substitute for a child who is ready; forcing it never goes well for anyone involved. All that said, if you think your wee one is ready and you can handle a little extra clean up, strip them bare and let them loose. I would definitely recommend starting on a day when you don’t need to go anywhere, naked babies on the go are not always considered socially acceptable. Also, if you can get them to sit on the pot first thing in the morning, when you can be sure they have to go, and exaggerate your celebration of the first “score” you’re well on your way. If they’re not ready there really won’t be much love lost. You’ll be out of a little stain removal solution and they will have gotten to run around in the buff, not too bad right?

Although I don’t want to credit the potty more than my superb training skills, this Fisher Price Potty  worked well. I like that it was inexpensive, height adjustable (my guy’s a little tall), and easy to clean up.

If you’ve got a few days and a little one to train, give it a go. Let me know how it works out or any helpful tips you have to add.

Happy Training Mamas 😉


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