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    The Cherishable Twos

    So, my baby’s at that age where he wants to use a spoon by himself, roll hot wheels across my face during bedtime and eat lip balm, despite my best efforts to redirect, hide and tirelessly explain to my toddler what lip balm is and why it does not belong in his mouth. If I didn’t know any better I might be tempted to panic, “Uh oh, here come the terrible twos”, but I’m well seasoned and I know this is just a myth veterans use as a joke to play on the rookies; a right of passage if you will. “Beware high winds”, you lose your balance and a…

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    A Parenting Gem (The Only Piece of Advice You’ll Ever Need)

    Are you ready? This is parenting gold right here, so listen close! The only piece of parenting advice, I guarantee, you’ll ever need is this, “Stop listening to anyone but your own intuition” Your inner guidance system will never steer you wrong. All the advice you’ll ever need is sitting right there in your gut and, if you pay attention, your children will be better teachers than any suzy homemaker/mother expert you’ll ever meet. A lot of people will argue that parenting is so hard because there’s no instructions, but our kids are walking manuals. There may not be anything that makes parenting easier but if you follow their lead…

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    Start The Day With Positivity

    I keep my phone next to my bed, because it serves double duty as my alarm clock. I would otherwise keep it in another room; I like to keep my bedroom as an electronic free zone. As soon as I wake up to check the time, though, like an addict who needs a fix, I immediately pull up my browser and begin scrolling through my feed. It doesn’t take very long to come across something depressing and boom my day has begun; as sensitive as I am I should know better. So, I decided to make a commitment to myself and this #MessifulMonday I’m gonna #managethemess. I bought these cute…

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    The Perfect Mother’s Mistakes

    After getting the kids down and the house picked up I slid into my covers. After a few minutes of looking at my eyelids I could tell sleep would not be coming easy. Then events of the day started filling my thoughts. Every interaction flashed across my mind as if I was watching several short movie clips. The first was a scene starring me as Cruella De Vil. I went completely berserk over a few unrinsed dishes the hubbs left in the sink that morning. The next was of me talking to my mother on the phone and completely losing my cool over a silly situation. One that was most…

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    4 Ways To Take Your “Me-Time” Like A Boss

    If you’re anything like me, taking time for yourself can feel a bit unnatural and awkward when you’re used to occupying the last spot on the to-do list, that is, assuming you’ve even made it on. You’re gonna need to push past all that uncomfortable, though, because today I’m not just gonna tell you to pencil yourself in I’m gonna make sure you know 4 ways to do take your “Me-Time” like a BOSS! DRESS UP Okay so dress up for me means nixing my yoga pants for actual jeans and throwing my “nice” sweat jacket over my milk stained tank top (because the baby cried as I left and I…

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    I Don’t Care If My Daughters Are Hungry (or my sons for that matter)

    If you’re a mama who has managed to keep your kitchen from becoming a revolving snack shop, when your home with the kids, I take my dish towel off to you . I feel pretty silly that it’s taken me this long to figure it out, but my kids are never really hungry.  WAIT, before you offer a rebuttal, hear me out. I grew up with a single mom who worked her butt off to support me and my brothers, and even with all the hours she put in it she still struggled and there were times when there wasn’t a whole lot to eat; I developed some pretty serious insecurities…

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    Goodbye Christmas

    In a corner far far away, where a Christmas tree once stood until it needed to go away… It’s Messiful Monday, and I’m not really sure if I should #confessthemess, I took the Christmas tree down Christmas night, or talk about how I rocked #managethemess, because it made me feel a whole lot better when I did. This holiday left me feeling a little overwhelmed so I’m gonna say W for #managethemess and I’m not gonna allow myself to feel even a little bad about it 😉

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    Forget The Red Cup

    I’m a mess in quite a few ways! I wake up late, a lot. I refold the same load of laundry like 5-6 time before I actually put it away. I have a weakness for chocolate that would secure my hotmessness status all on its own (note the chocolate drizzle atop the already chocolatey cocoa pictured above), but I digress. On the flip side, I work hard to balance my mess by managing where I can, and a reusable cup, I can do that! As my friend and fellow mom enthusiast, Domari put it, “The Starbucks marketing team is freaking brilliant! Has anyone actually SEEN someone complaining about the cup? Or just…

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    Sometimes “No” means “Go ask Daddy!”

      Sometimes kids can get a little stir crazy and their behavior is a lot less than rewardable. Sometimes those times are also the time when Mama needs a break. So, while I would have most certainly said no to their request for a trip to the Strong Museum of Play, if Daddy says yes and leaves me with the house to myself for a few hours, I look the other way  and pretend to give him a hard time later. Mommy gets a couple “mental health” hours, the kids get to run around and get all that energy out, Daddy gets to be the hero, I say it’s a…

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    Share Dog Needs A Bath

    I’m not OCD, I’m not a germaphobe but I was certainly less than enthusiastic when “Share Dog” came home for the weekend. The idea of a stuffed animal that has made its way through several homes being all cuddled up in mine, let’s just say I’m already planning the farewell party. How about a “Share Mr. Potato Head”, or anything I can dunk in a bucket of vinegar water and sanitize just a bit? I get the whole idea behind it, though, and she’s super excited so, into the steam cycle he goes 🙂