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    9am Pancakes

    Dear Dish Towel,   Don’t these look delicious, all golden and fluffy? Well tell that to my kids, because if I make these bad boys before 9 am they simply do not get eaten. Isn’t feeding your child breakfast the epitome of being a “good mom”?! How can I send them on the bus without a full belly? Why won’t they eat?! I’ll tell you why, it’s too damn early!   If you haven’t guessed here’s where I go on a simple side rant. There’s nothing wrong with getting up early, if everything is all in tune within our bodies our internal clock will actually get us up right alongside the…

  • Dish Towel Diaries

    Best Banana Bread Ever

    Dear Dish Towel,    I’m pretty sure they leave the bananas to rot on purpose; the fruit flies appreciate the gesture. I, on the other hand, am not always in the mood to make bread and wish they would just eat the daggon  bananas. Today, however, there’s motivation in the air, AKA “Daddy took the kids to the play gym” so, banana bread it is; I do, after all, make the best!   Mama’s Mini Banana Bread