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Hi, I'm Xavia, The Messiful Mama. I am the mother of 4 amazing, spirited children who save my life everyday. I pour myself into parenting and, although, there are plenty of days where that effort is full of chaos and drama and sometimes even hair pulling, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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    4 Signs You Have A Bed Bullies?

    This post may contain affiliate links “Next time one of my kids starts talking to me about something that’s “Not Fair”, I’m gonna crawl into their bed, in the middle of the night, and pee my pants!” Everyone has Something to say when you tell them you have bed bugs, “Throw everything away”, “Seal everything in plastic”, “Ewww, get away from me”.  Okay, so I’ve never actually had them (aside from a sketchy Comfort Inn experience in New Jersey about 9 years ago) so I don’t really know what people say (knocking on all kinds of wood right now). What I do know is that no one ever has any Helpful “how-tos”…

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    5 Times Your Kids Will Do Exactly As You Say

    I’d like to boast that my kids always do as I say, the first time, Without protest or complaint, but I’d be lying. I have to repeat myself more than I’d like to admit. I’m sure we all have that one Signature phrase we find ourselves saying multiple times a day. Once the clock strikes 7 I am just about ready to nix talking all together and take a vow of silence. There are exceptions though. There are times that they do exactly as I ask and I find myself maybe wishing that they hadn’t. Here are 5 times I wish my kids were a lot less than obedient. When I’m in the shower…

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    Being Human For Halloween

    It’s amazing what we don’t know until we do. Last year around this time I was entertaining my kids and their Endless costume ideas. I never take any of their suggestions serious until a few weeks before the 31st because I know committing too soon would only Frustrate me. They finally settled on Supergirl, a ninja, Little Red Riding Hood and what I can only describe as a metallic Jabbawockee. All naive in my little bubble I had no idea what was behind all the candy they collect. All those Snickers and Reese Cups, the Kit Kats and Nestle Crunch Bars, that stash that most parents eat late night after the…

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    Balloons & Bubbles

    Why, oh why, do we buy all these stupid toys? All we really ever need are bubbles and balloons! #confessthemess toys are such a pet peeve of mine! They’re everywhere, all the time, and the kids don’t really care about 90% of them. I am notorious for doing a sweep and collecting the neglected, the broken, and the forgotten; Buzz Lightyear and Woody would be staging an all out coup! If the toys that I’ve gathered don’t get requested within a week or two, off to Goodwill they go. Sometimes I’m super ruthless and take them straight to the drop off ; passing go, collecting $200 on my way. I…

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    The Time I Stalked That One Woman (And The 5 Things I Learned About Shopping Craigslist As A Mama)

    My daughter’s birthday is rolling around, but I think this year I’m going to hit the chill button a bit. I usually go all out trying to make it special, from party details to the perfect cake, outfit and that one special gift that will set the memory of the entire day. What usually happens, though, is I spend all this time, money and energy and their favorite part of everything ends up being the $5 pack of balloons that they pop around at the end of the party. Talk about a let down; I’ve definitely learned to tone it down. My oldest daughter, though, can be a bit loftier than my…

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    Best Potty Training Tip Ever

    Potty training, the dreaded milestone that most of us mamas wish we could fast forward through. It’s frustrating and seemingly endless and even when you hit the finish line and begin celebrating you realize the journey still isn’t over because now, instead of diapers and koala changing stations, you now have to deal with a toddler, in underwear, on the go. Yeah it won’t be long before you wonder if it’s not easier to just let them go in their pants for a few more years. And then there’s the wiping of butts, yeah that lingers for a while too. Now that I’ve got a few new mothers thoroughly depressed and my…

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    How I Lost My Mind Over A Bottle Of SmartWater

        So, #confessthemess, I may have lost my mind kinda, sorta, just a little, lotta, bit over a bottle of SmartWater. “Who drank my water?” Blank stares, slightly aware of the severity but not yet completely afraid. “Where is my water, who drank my water? Where’s my water?! Help me understand. How many times have I told you guys to leave my water alone? Why do you continue to drink my water? There is plenty of water in the house. It’s not like it’s an irresistible bag of M&M’s. It’s not cake, or juice or a tall cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade; it’s water,  water,     Room…

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    5 Tips For Social Media Self Care

    Confess the Mess - Messiful Mama mom lifestyle blog by Xavia Omega

    You don’t have to be a mama to know that social media can be overwhelming, but it can be especially tricky to navigate the all the advice, drama, judgement, guilt trips, and product pushing that is directed specifically at mothers. Lately I have been finding it super difficult to log in, and when I do it doesn’t take but a minute for me to come across a post that makes me close out. Now, I am super sensitive so you may not need quite the same level of tune out that I do but even the most extroverted social media cruisers could benefit from trimming some of the drama off…

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    “I Wanna See You Be Brave”

    As mamas, I don’t think we give ourselves nearly enough credit. Today I went grocery shopping, while on crutches, with 2 kids (my daughter is quite the photographer isn’t she). For a moment I thought I was Wonder Woman and put the baby in a regular cart and proceeded to hop on one foot while pushing. Yeah, that ridiculousness lasted all of 10 paces. These little motorized carts though turned out to be a great plan B, although he almost crashed us a few times in produce as he fought me for the steering square. Today, this was my BRAVE I tell this little story not looking for a pat…

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    5 Perfectly-Free Gifts for a Blogger

    Mama Says - Messiful Mama mom lifestyle blog by Xavia Omega

      It’s Monday, May 9th and you’re thinking to yourself, “OMG, I forgot to get Xavia something for her birthday!” :-O No worries, Mother’s Day was yesterday, you were distracted, you’re tapped out from the beautiful bouquets and spa days you showered all mamas in your life with, it happens; I know you were thinking of me ;-). Lucky for you I’ve got 5 perfect gifts, not just for me but for any blogger, for any occasion; in under 5 minutes and for no money at all you can show some love that will be much appreciated.   Like  Well, nowadays you can “react” too, but don’t underestimate the power…