• Manage the Mess

    Forget The Red Cup

    I’m a mess in quite a few ways! I wake up late, a lot. I refold the same load of laundry like 5-6 time before I actually put it away. I have a weakness for chocolate that would secure my hotmessness status all on its own (note the chocolate drizzle atop the already chocolatey cocoa pictured above), but I digress. On the flip side, I work hard to balance my mess by managing where I can, and a reusable cup, I can do that! As my friend and fellow mom enthusiast, Domari put it, “The Starbucks marketing team is freaking brilliant! Has anyone actually SEEN someone complaining about the cup? Or just…

  • The Kitchen Sink

    “Kudos & Kisses” Jar

    Hey mamas, do you ever feel like your mama mojo is running on empty? We give our all to our families and often times we’re left running low. The holiday season can be especially tough as those demands just seem to multiply. I do better when I’m feeling a little love so I created a “Kudos & Kisses” jar. Throughout the day I encourage my kids to add a bead whenever they feel thankful for something I’ve done; filled their belly, braided their hair. The visual of a full jar at the end of the day really helps restore my motivation. I upcycled a basil scented Mrs. Meyers candle, but…

  • The Kitchen Sink

    How To Spot A Growth Spurt

    It’s 11 o’clock and my baby is still sleeping!!!   14 years ago, as a new mom, I would have woken him up hours ago; worried that “something’s wrong”. I’ve got 4 babies under my belt, though, and I know this is nothing but a growth spurt, he’s growing, that’s all. I’ve come to know that there are 2 sure fire ways to tell your little one is about to bean stalk it up. He or she will begin to eat like a horse! This little guy ate a man’s sized dinner last night and then fully nursed after. “Woah!!” They sleep, a lot! Well, I am here to tell…

  • The Kitchen Sink

    A Notebook Fit For A Princess

    It’s Day 15 of Picture Book Month and today we’re going Royal! Julie Gribbles, “Bubblegum Princess” is such a cute book. I don’t know about you but bubblegum is one of those things that my kids go absolutely nuts over and between the big bubbles and colorful princess illustrations, it will be a hit with your crew as well, I’m sure! You can find a copy here on Amazon Bubblegum Princess Today’s theme is books so for a craft to go along, I thought I would do something with a bit of a royal twist. I decided on “Royal Cereal Box Notebooks” Here’s what you’ll need: *Empty Cereal Boxes *Paper (printer…

  • Mama Drama

    Missed the bus

    Fridays roll around and the girls rarely make it on the bus. Even rarelier do I care! ( yeah I know that’s not a word, my spell check is all over that 😉 ) It’s Friday, chill out!!! <iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/b6rOhnZ7ORg” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>  There are mornings when I have everything in order the night before and everything runs smooth like butter. Then there are mornings where we’re doing a mad dash, someone’s teeth don’t get brushed, someone’s take home folder, or snack, or beanie boo doesn’t make their bag and they barely make it on the bus; by barely I mean we’re chasing it down the street :-\ Well,…

  • Confess the Mess,  Manage the Mess

    Sometimes “No” means “Go ask Daddy!”

      Sometimes kids can get a little stir crazy and their behavior is a lot less than rewardable. Sometimes those times are also the time when Mama needs a break. So, while I would have most certainly said no to their request for a trip to the Strong Museum of Play, if Daddy says yes and leaves me with the house to myself for a few hours, I look the other way  and pretend to give him a hard time later. Mommy gets a couple “mental health” hours, the kids get to run around and get all that energy out, Daddy gets to be the hero, I say it’s a…

  • Manage the Mess

    Share Dog Needs A Bath

    I’m not OCD, I’m not a germaphobe but I was certainly less than enthusiastic when “Share Dog” came home for the weekend. The idea of a stuffed animal that has made its way through several homes being all cuddled up in mine, let’s just say I’m already planning the farewell party. How about a “Share Mr. Potato Head”, or anything I can dunk in a bucket of vinegar water and sanitize just a bit? I get the whole idea behind it, though, and she’s super excited so, into the steam cycle he goes 🙂

  • The Kitchen Sink

    This Little Piggie Holds Your Money

    Today’s theme for Picture Book Month is piggies and today’s craft is super simple and super cute; your kiddies will squeal I’m sure. After reading “Hampire”, by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, I was inspired to create a craft that was just as cute as the book; enter Water Bottle Piggie Banks. Here’s what you’ll need: *Empty/Dry mini water bottles (these 12 oz “go size” Poland Spring bottles worked very well) *Printed Duck Tape (Have fun, these little piggies don’t have to just be pink) *Beads (4 for each bank) *Scissors *Black Sharpie *Is it a Pig? Is it a vampire? “Hampire” is a fun little mystery I’m sure your kids will enjoy; you…

  • Dish Towel Diaries

    Best Banana Bread Ever

    Dear Dish Towel,    I’m pretty sure they leave the bananas to rot on purpose; the fruit flies appreciate the gesture. I, on the other hand, am not always in the mood to make bread and wish they would just eat the daggon  bananas. Today, however, there’s motivation in the air, AKA “Daddy took the kids to the play gym” so, banana bread it is; I do, after all, make the best!   Mama’s Mini Banana Bread