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A Notebook Fit For A Princess

It’s Day 15 of Picture Book Month and today we’re going Royal!

Julie Gribbles, “Bubblegum Princess” is such a cute book. I don’t know about you but bubblegum is one of those things that my kids go absolutely nuts over and between the big bubbles and colorful princess illustrations, it will be a hit with your crew as well, I’m sure! You can find a copy here on Amazon Bubblegum Princess


Today’s theme is books so for a craft to go along, I thought I would do something with a bit of a royal twist. I decided on “Royal Cereal Box Notebooks”

Here’s what you’ll need:

Image-1 (9)

*Empty Cereal Boxes

*Paper (printer paper works well)

*Embroidery Thread

*Embroidery Needle

*Printed Paper (Scrapbooking Squares work well)

*Buttons (I found mine here on Amazon)


*Glue Stick


*(Optional) Grab some bubblegum and have a bubble contest while you craft 🙂

First you will need to cut the both faces off  of the cereal box. (Each box will make 2 notebooks)

Image-1 (3)

Next fold one of the pieces in half, paper within it, and trim the excess to fit. ( I used 10 sheets of paper which yields a 20 page notebook. Use more or less for your preference, keeping in mind that the more paper you use the more difficult it will be to sew the spine)

Image-1 (4)

Using a backstitch and approximately an 18 inch piece of thread, sew the paper to the cereal box. (be sure begin on the outer edge of the spine and knot both of the loose ends well so they can be easily hidden beneath the printed paper)

Image-1 (5)


Measure the length of the book and cut a piece of printed paper matching the length, about 3 inches wide. Cover the spine and the paper with glue and adhere, spacing it evenly on both sides.

Image-1 (6)


Use the about a 12 inch piece of thread to attach a button to one side of the book and use the excess piece to sew a fastening string to the other.

Image-1 (1)Image-1 (2)


Fasten, Embellish and Enjoy! There are Royal Decrees to be Declared and you’ll need a place Record them 😉


Image-1 (7)


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  • Krystal

    Love that idea! My kids will love personalizing them.

    • Messiful Mama

      That’s one of the best things about this project, there’s so much room to customize!… Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check it out 🙂

  • Betsy

    I love reusing cereal boxes. My girls would love making this. Thanks for sharing!

    • Messiful Mama

      You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I hope your girls enjoy them as much as mine!!

  • Hil

    What a great way to recycle/reuse. A cute idea too. Maybe when my daughter is older!

    I’m participating in #picturebookmonth too 🙂

    • Messiful Mama

      Thank you 🙂 I have a soft spot for DIYs that allow you to make use of something you would have otherwise wasted 🙂

  • BookBairn

    What a great craft! I love a pretty notebook – might make my own from now on #picturebookmonthbloggers

    • Messiful Mama

      Thank you, they are totally worth the effort! Let me know how it comes out 😉