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This Little Piggie Holds Your Money

Today’s theme for Picture Book Month is piggies and today’s craft is super simple and super cute; your kiddies will squeal I’m sure.

After reading “Hampire”, by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, I was inspired to create a craft that was just as cute as the book; enter Water Bottle Piggie Banks.


Here’s what you’ll need:


*Empty/Dry mini water bottles (these 12 oz “go size” Poland Spring bottles worked very well)

*Printed Duck Tape (Have fun, these little piggies don’t have to just be pink)

*Beads (4 for each bank)


*Black Sharpie

*Is it a Pig? Is it a vampire? “Hampire” is a fun little mystery I’m sure your kids will enjoy; you can find a copy to go along with the craft at your local library or here on Amazon “Hampire”


Once you’ve removed the water bottle label, replace it with a strip of Duck Tape. (The width fit these bottles perfectly) Just behind the tape cut a “slot”. (These bottles had a groove that I was able to follow and the size was perfect.


The edges left behind are very sharp and jagged so I covered them with tape as well.


Draw your eyes right on the bottle and the nostrils on the cap. (draw the nostrils on while the cap is on the bottle to make sure they line up)


Cut 2 stips of tape about 1 1/2 inches wide for the ears.  Fold the edge in on itself, forming a triangle until there’s just a small tab left. (fold one strip down from the left the other from the right so the ears face opposite directions) Use the left over sticky tab to adhere them to the bottle.


Roll a small piece of tape back on itself to adhere the beads for the legs. (you could always use a glue gun to make them more secure)


Now go let the little ones put these guys to work; break out the pennies, the quarters, the dimes, it’s feeding time!image


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