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9am Pancakes


Dear Dish Towel,


Don’t these look delicious, all golden and fluffy? Well tell that to my kids, because if I make these bad boys before 9 am they simply do not get eaten. Isn’t feeding your child breakfast the epitome of being a “good mom”?! How can I send them on the bus without a full belly? Why won’t they eat?! I’ll tell you why, it’s too damn early!


If you haven’t guessed here’s where I go on a simple side rant. There’s nothing wrong with getting up early, if everything is all in tune within our bodies our internal clock will actually get us up right alongside the sun, but getting up and getting out the door before they’ve even had time to wash the sleepies from their eyes (yes I make them do that themselves) is not quite as natural. As if it didn’t already start early enough, this year my district added 30 minutes to the day which means I’m forcing breakfast on my kids before their bellies have even booted up for the day; imagine typing on your computer while the screen is still blank :-\. I don’t even like to talk to anyone until I’ve been awake an hour (although my kids have no respect for this particular personal need of mine) let alone make a sit down breakfast and have family time at the table. We could always get up earlier, but that would only solve the issue of time, not the fact that they’re just not hungry; that is until about a half hour after they get to school and they give off the impression that breakfast isn’t even an option in our family! So what’s a mom to do? I do the best I can; sometimes, that’s 2 bites of cereal, sometimes its absolutely nothing. Until I rule the world and proclaim that all schools must start at 9 am, I’ll just have to make these yummies on the weekend.


2 Cups Organic Flour

1/4 Cup Organic Sugar

2 tsp Salt

2 tsp Baking Soda

2 tsp Vanilla

1/2 cup Organic Applesauce

2 Cups Organic Soy milk (or whatever milk you’d like)

No fancy methods here, just whisk all the dry ingredients together, add in the wet and cook them, using butter, coconut oil, or whatever you prefer, on a hot skillet, about 1/4 cup of mix for each pancake. Makes 12-14 pancakes.


Note: I use organic whenever I can for health reasons but feel free to treat them as optional. 🙂

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