5 Perfectly-Free Gifts for a Blogger

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5 Perfectly-Free Gifts for a Blogger


It’s Monday, May 9th and you’re thinking to yourself, “OMG, I forgot to get Xavia something for her birthday!” :-O No worries, Mother’s Day was yesterday, you were distracted, you’re tapped out from the beautiful bouquets and spa days you showered all mamas in your life with, it happens; I know you were thinking of me ;-). Lucky for you I’ve got 5 perfect gifts, not just for me but for any blogger, for any occasion; in under 5 minutes and for no money at all you can show some love that will be much appreciated.



Well, nowadays you can “react” too, but don’t underestimate the power of a like. Liking a blogger’s post doesn’t just boost their ego and add to the narcissism that is enveloping the world of social media, it actually increases how many people see the material. My friends may not be your friends but they can be; when you “Like” me your whole world can see. Best of all, likes take no time at all, “You get a like, you get a like…”:-)


If you’ve only got 5 seconds just drop a few likes, please and thank you, but if you want to give me an extra minute or two, because I’m the birthday girl ๐Ÿ˜‰ , leave a comment. We bloggers like them on social media, we LOVE them when you leave them on our actual blog page! We’re growing with each post and your feedback is so awesome, it lets us know what we’re doing right, what, maybe, we should do a little less of, and it lets us know who’s eyes are out there so we can connect with our readers. After all, a blog without an audienceย is pretty much just a diary. :-\


You can also give the gift that keeps on giving, share your blogger with your friends. Likes and comments will reach your buddies indirectly but nothing says love quite like a direct share. If there’s a post that encourages or inspires you there’s a chance there’s someone else who may need that boost; they get a pick me up, I (your friendly neighborhood mama blogger) get a new reader, and you get that gooey feeling of giving, win/win/win ๐Ÿ˜‰ Go on, share; this post, another or the whole page!


Maybe you’re a little shy, not quite ready to commit to a whole comment, or maybe you’re a closet Messiful Mama, not sure if you want anyone to know you #confessthemess. Well it only takes a second to just visit the blog and take a peek. You don’t have to hang the whole day, just stop by for a quick hello; every visitor equals traffic and we love traffic!


Nothing says I love you, quite like subscribing to your favorite blog. It’s kinda like a real “I love you” without all the pressure because you can unsubscribe at any moment. You don’t have to say it just because it’s my birthday, but if you happen to befall my charm and find yourself in love it’s the perfect way to stay in the loop for all things Messiful! (Just scroll to the bottom of the page ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

*I also love all things dark chocolate, orchids, quiet time, curly hair products, and printed duct tape… but no pressure ๐Ÿ˜‰


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