Pearl Pumpkin Pledge

Pearl Pumpkin Pledge


The pearl is a symbol of innocence,

       believed to offer protection and keep children safe.

There is nothing safe, nor innocent

about the chocolate industry and their use of

child slaves to harvest cocoa!

“The children of Western Africa are surrounded by intense poverty, and most begin working at a young age to help support their families.[12] Some children end up on the cocoa farms because they need work and traffickers tell them that the job pays well.[8] Other children are “sold” to traffickers or farm owners by their own relatives, who are unaware of the dangerous work environment and the lack of any provisions for an education.[13] Often, traffickers abduct the young children from small villages in neighboring African countries, such as Burkina Faso and Mali,[8] two of the poorest countries in the world.[14] Once they have been taken to the cocoa farms, the children may not see their families for years, if ever.” –


Join us this Halloween season


I Pledge,

to boycott all brands that benefit from slave labor.

I will either purchase candy and chocolate

from local, Fair Trade, and ethical brands

or I will abstain from purchasing

all together.

Click Here for a list of brands that exploit slaves as well as brands who harvest ethically.

Show your support by displaying this

Printable Pearl Pumpkin

somewhere visible to trick or treaters.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” -Desmond Tutu

Thank you for taking a stand!

xoxo Xavia Omega, the Messiful Mama



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