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    And This Is Why I Push Myself

    The winter blues have been hitting me pretty hard these last several weeks, pretty much everything I do I’m pushing myself. I even have a tattoo of the word “PUSH”, in a place too private for a picture mind you. 😉 I try my best to live in the flow of life but the way my moods are set up sometimes that’s just not where I find myself. One thing I know, though, is that if I don’t push myself I miss out on the moments with my kids that are the most precious. I almost took the cop out and just let their dad take them so I could…

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    I Don’t Care If My Daughters Are Hungry (or my sons for that matter)

    If you’re a mama who has managed to keep your kitchen from becoming a revolving snack shop, when your home with the kids, I take my dish towel off to you . I feel pretty silly that it’s taken me this long to figure it out, but my kids are never really hungry.  WAIT, before you offer a rebuttal, hear me out. I grew up with a single mom who worked her butt off to support me and my brothers, and even with all the hours she put in it she still struggled and there were times when there wasn’t a whole lot to eat; I developed some pretty serious insecurities…

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    HDH #7 No More Soggy Salad

    Didn’t finish all the salad greens with dinner? Save them from sog by placing a paper towel in with the left overs. It will absorb moisture and slow the wilting process. *Note: This will only slow wilting. In addition, keep greens in an airtight container and keep separate from the rest of the salad ingredients, until ready to serve, for maximum freshness.

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    DIY Bouncy Balls

    Make Your Own Bouncy Ball What You Need: ½ Cup Warm Water 1 Tb Borax 1 Tb of Cornstarch 2 Tb White Liquid Glue Food coloring Plastic cups Stir sticks News Paper or disposable tablecloth (Make sure to cover your work space) Disposable rubber gloves unless you’re not afraid to get messy 😉 What To Do: In a cup mix the warm water and the borax. (mix until Borax is dissolved)  In a separate cup mix the glue, cornstarch, and food coloring. (mix until the mixture looks like melted frosting) Pour the glue mixture into the water-borax cup. *LET SIT IN THE WATER FOR 20 SECONDS WITHOUT STIRRING! (the ingredients need to…

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    Sunday Shenanigans

    View this post on Instagram Too busy with #sundayshenanigans to get any work done :- #monday will just be a little extra #messiful #momlife #mom A post shared by Xavia Omega (@messiful_mama) on Jan 4, 2016 at 10:16am PST   I do my best to #managethemess by giving myself days for different tasks (Laundry Day, Meal prep day, Errand day etc), it’s the only way that anything actually gets done. My weeks can get super crazy so the weekend is supposed to be the time I use to do my writing and other work and get ready for the week ahead. Well, shenanigans like THIS happen all the time and…

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    Goodbye Christmas

    In a corner far far away, where a Christmas tree once stood until it needed to go away… It’s Messiful Monday, and I’m not really sure if I should #confessthemess, I took the Christmas tree down Christmas night, or talk about how I rocked #managethemess, because it made me feel a whole lot better when I did. This holiday left me feeling a little overwhelmed so I’m gonna say W for #managethemess and I’m not gonna allow myself to feel even a little bad about it 😉

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    “Teacher Approved” Holiday Giftbag

    Ever wonder what to get your child’s teacher as a gift? We all want to get something thoughtful, whether it be practical, sentimental or beautiful, but let’s be honest, we all kind of want to be that mom that gives something they really enjoy and don’t just accept with a polite smile. Well here it is, the perfect Holiday Gift Bag for a teacher. How do I know it’s perfect for a teacher? Well, I may be a genius in many ways 😉 but I can’t take credit for this one. I know it’ll hit the spot, because a teacher/mama created it. Here’s what you need. -Canvas lunch bag (One…

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    Forget The Red Cup

    I’m a mess in quite a few ways! I wake up late, a lot. I refold the same load of laundry like 5-6 time before I actually put it away. I have a weakness for chocolate that would secure my hotmessness status all on its own (note the chocolate drizzle atop the already chocolatey cocoa pictured above), but I digress. On the flip side, I work hard to balance my mess by managing where I can, and a reusable cup, I can do that! As my friend and fellow mom enthusiast, Domari put it, “The Starbucks marketing team is freaking brilliant! Has anyone actually SEEN someone complaining about the cup? Or just…

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    “Kudos & Kisses” Jar

    Hey mamas, do you ever feel like your mama mojo is running on empty? We give our all to our families and often times we’re left running low. The holiday season can be especially tough as those demands just seem to multiply. I do better when I’m feeling a little love so I created a “Kudos & Kisses” jar. Throughout the day I encourage my kids to add a bead whenever they feel thankful for something I’ve done; filled their belly, braided their hair. The visual of a full jar at the end of the day really helps restore my motivation. I upcycled a basil scented Mrs. Meyers candle, but…

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    How To Spot A Growth Spurt

    It’s 11 o’clock and my baby is still sleeping!!!   14 years ago, as a new mom, I would have woken him up hours ago; worried that “something’s wrong”. I’ve got 4 babies under my belt, though, and I know this is nothing but a growth spurt, he’s growing, that’s all. I’ve come to know that there are 2 sure fire ways to tell your little one is about to bean stalk it up. He or she will begin to eat like a horse! This little guy ate a man’s sized dinner last night and then fully nursed after. “Woah!!” They sleep, a lot! Well, I am here to tell…

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