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    How I Lost My Mind Over A Bottle Of SmartWater

        So, #confessthemess, I may have lost my mind kinda, sorta, just a little, lotta, bit over a bottle of SmartWater. “Who drank my water?” Blank stares, slightly aware of the severity but not yet completely afraid. “Where is my water, who drank my water? Where’s my water?! Help me understand. How many times have I told you guys to leave my water alone? Why do you continue to drink my water? There is plenty of water in the house. It’s not like it’s an irresistible bag of M&M’s. It’s not cake, or juice or a tall cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade; it’s water,  water,     Room…

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    5 Tips For Social Media Self Care

    Confess the Mess - Messiful Mama mom lifestyle blog by Xavia Omega

    You don’t have to be a mama to know that social media can be overwhelming, but it can be especially tricky to navigate the all the advice, drama, judgement, guilt trips, and product pushing that is directed specifically at mothers. Lately I have been finding it super difficult to log in, and when I do it doesn’t take but a minute for me to come across a post that makes me close out. Now, I am super sensitive so you may not need quite the same level of tune out that I do but even the most extroverted social media cruisers could benefit from trimming some of the drama off…