And This Is Why I Push Myself

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And This Is Why I Push Myself

The winter blues have been hitting me pretty hard these last several weeks, pretty much everything I do I’m pushing myself. I even have a tattoo of the word “PUSH”, in a place too private for a picture mind you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I try my best to live in the flow of life but the way my moods are set up sometimes that’s just not where I find myself. One thing I know, though, is that if I don’t push myself I miss out on the moments with my kids that are the most precious. I almost took the cop out and just let their dad take them so I could enjoy a few minutes of quiet but I know it’s so important to share in their experiences and not just hear the stories. So as I take this picture my fingers are numb, my jeans are cold and wetย and I’m pretty sure there’s snow dripping into my underwear, but I’m out here. The snow is beautiful, my kids are having such a good time and between the cold air on my face and the sounds of their squeals and laughter I actually feel a little bit better. These are the moments!2016-02-16_15.34.08

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